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Branding & Identity FAQs

Q: What is Branding?
A: Branding is your business personality in a nutshell. It's the assets your company uses online or in print to identify who you and/or your business are. Branding includes logos, taglines, content, websites, and much more and needs to be consistent. Your brand should set expectations of what your business is about and what you stand for, as well as the services you deliver.
Q: Why is branding important?
A: Branding is your identity as a business or company. It's an important part of your company because it's, in simplest terms, your voice. Think about some of your favorite brands and the image they create. When you see that trusted brand logo, for instance, it gives you a level of trust and confidence. This is what your business should create as well. When potential customers see your online branding, they should immediately recognize and preferably remember your business.
Q: I’ve got a logo, isn’t that my brand?
A: It's definitely part of it and you're on the right path! However, logos alone don't tell enough of a story about your business. In fact, a poorly designed logo can end up targeting the wrong market altogether. A brand speaks to more of your business like the experience your customers have and the quality of the services you offer, for instance. 

It's also important to think about branding continuity. On social networks, for example, you'll need your logo but also a matching banner and more that function as a continuation of your business branding.
Q: What makes a successful brand?
A: A successful brand pays attention to their market, will come up with new ways to keep the interest of their target market and are not afraid to innovate. A successful brand stays consistent while always striving to listen to its audience, adapt, and grow.
Q: What are some effects of having a successful brand?
A: A great brand generally helps result in improved profitability and marketing performance, proving that a positive brand image is just as valuable an asset as anything financial. When done right, branding can bring your company and your audience together in a unique and powerful way.

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