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Custom web design packages

Finding a developer for your website can be a stressful and daunting process. That's why here at The Hive we make hiring a website designer easy and straight forward. With our custom, transparent pricing you know exactly what you're getting with your project, and you're included in every step of the design process - from start to launch. 

When you hire The Hive for your custom website we include everything you need to get going. This includes helping you set up your hosting , basic SEO setup for your backend and on-site SEO, mobile optimization, and any branding material you have.


If you need branding we can also help in that area. From basic logo design, color and font choices for a cohesive website, and the use of photography (either stock or your own), we do it all. Take a look at the packages below for an idea of where to start. Keep in mind everything we do can be custom to you and your needs. 

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