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6 Reasons Your Business [For Sure] Needs A Website

Updated: Aug 30, 2021

There's no question about it, to compete in the current digital marketplace you're going to need a strong internet presence. And, to be honest, a DIY website along with a Facebook page isn't going to cut it.

6 Reasons Your Business [For Sure] Needs A Website

In order to stay competitive, you want a well-thought-out, optimized marketing strategy that includes a professionally designed website online with mobile capabilities. Let's face it, the average consumer will consult a minimum of 10 different websites before making a purchase.

Need more convincing on why you need a website and how you can convert those internet browsers into clients or shoppers? Here are six reasons why you [for sure] need to strengthen your internet presence using a mobile-responsive website.

1. A Website Builds Credibility

When it comes to convincing consumers to buy your goods or services, first impressions are very important. Fifty-seven percent of people will not recommend a business with a poorly designed website. Think about yourself as a consumer and how you tend to make judgments about a business based on the visual appeal of their website - well, your consumers are interacting with your website in the exact same way.

Having a professionally designed, thorough, and easy-to-use website can help you to readily communicate to prospective clients that you're a reputable business, and one they would like to do business with.

2. A Website Makes Your Business Discoverable in Search Engine Results

People don't just browse the internet to discover companies they would like to do business with, more specifically, they visit search engines. 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine like Google, Yahoo, or Bing. And nearly half of those searches are for local businesses.

So, you have to get a search engine optimized (SEO) company website that could rank well in local search engine results. This will ensure that potential clients and customers can find and connect with your business.

3. A Website Creates a Digital Business Card

Americans spend, on average, 23.6 hours online each week and nearly 5 hours every day on their mobile devices. Consequently, if you want to get discovered where people are spending their time, it's essential to have a website presence regarding your company accessible in that same digital space.

A website acts as an electronic business card for your company: people can reference it again and again for things like location, contact information, goods and services provided, and more.

6 Reasons Your Business [For Sure] Needs A Website

4. Consumers Search for Website Results with Proximity in Mind

It's important to get an optimized website so you're going to appear in local search results - particularly because studies have shown that individuals often take to their mobile devices to look for things that are in close proximity to them. In fact, 4 to 5 potential customers use search engines for local information.

88% of searchers for local businesses on a mobile device either call or see the business within one day. Having a website makes it possible for searchers who are looking for a business within close proximity to discover your company and get in contact with you.

5. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Can Be a Cost-Effective Marketing Strategy

Let's face it, every company wants to maximize its spend when it comes to marketing. In regards to advertising, having a website that is optimized for search engine results may be one of the most cost-effective marketing and advertising strategies.

Are you thinking about handling your website SEO yourself? It's quite an undertaking while having an entire business to run. However, there are some basic strategies that you can utilize to position yourself to be discovered through searches.

6. Your Competitors Likely Have a Website

Even though 36 percent of small businesses don't have their own website, 64% of these do. This means that the majority of small businesses do have a presence online, and it's likely your competitors have a website that's pulling in consumers in your area. That means you're missing out on a big slice of revenue pie if you aren't showing up in the same search results.

7. Your Website is Open 24 Hours Per Day

Unlike your business, which probably doesn't operate or communicate with customers after-hours, your website remains open 24 hours a day, seven days each week. This means that even if your team is not readily available to interact with individuals looking to do business with you, then your website is accessible and can provide helpful information, function as a point of contact, or perhaps allow customers to make purchases or submit orders.

If you would like to remain competitive in your industry, it is important that your business has a digital footprint online - it not only can help you stay competitive, but it can also help cement your role as a forward-thinking, tech-savvy business. By having a company create and managing your website and content, you position yourself as an expert and professional.

Still have more questions about website stuff? Read more here about What your Website (or Lack Thereof) Says About Your Business.

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