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What Will Digital Marketing Trends Look Like In 2022?

It’s a new year, and that means it’s time to look at the trends that will dictate success in digital marketing this year. While some things have changed since 2021, other approaches have just gone from strength to strength.

Some of the major trends we see becoming prominent in digital marketing this year are set to make significant changes to the business landscape, from small startups to enterprise-level organizations.

Keep reading to find out which marketing trends will rule in 2022, and what they mean for your business:

Overhauling Content Marketing

Content has long been king when it comes to marketing, and in 2022 this is still true. But coming up on the throne closely is one facet of content writing in particular: content optimization. Most businesses have a large collection of blog posts and other published marketing content that they have left on their sites with little thought as to how they can actually be a tool.

Updating older content to have more relevant SEO like LSI keywords is a strategy we’re seeing come up this year and with good reason. It typically requires less effort than generating new content but can yield great results when it comes to ranking in search engines.

It’s not just keywords that matter - other aspects of technical SEO can also be targeted here. Mobile optimization is an especially important one, as is loading speed and photo sizing.

It’s All About Mobile

Mobile marketing is becoming more important than ever before, and 2022 will see small and large scale businesses invest more into making their marketing smartphone-friendly.

Businesses that aren’t optimizing their websites or content for mobile are tripping themselves up, missing out on an enormous amount of reach. By the end of 2021, more than 60% of all online searches were generated from mobile devices, and predictions are that this percentage will increase in 2022.

Mobile marketing also opens up the door to new strategies. Voice search is now becoming a new avenue of marketing powered by smartphone technology - imagine asking Siri a general fact. Using the right keywords and structure, your content might be the one she reads out to the user.

Video Content Remains Viable

Video content has been a powerful marketing tool in the past few years, as the popularity of TikTok and other popular video streaming services have come to show. What will set 2022 apart however is the length of the content.

Shorter, bite-sized video ads lasting just a few seconds are a trend we are set to see more of throughout this year. Tied into influencer marketing and other approaches, this can be a particularly powerful way to reach your potential audience.

Paired with the importance of mobile marketing, you can see how video content is going to be essential for businesses to adopt this year.

Nostalgia and Story-Based Marketing

This one is a bit more abstract, but hear us out. The circumstances of the past few years have left us all yearning for better times, and that’s where marketers have a unique opportunity this year.

Nostalgia and story-based marketing advertise to us today with the promises of what was great about yesterday. Throwing it back to the nineties or early 2000s reminds customers of better times, making them more likely to invest in your marketed product or service. The same goes for storytelling. People are looking for an escape, and with careful marketing, you can get them there.

More Powerful Marketing Data

Metrics and analytics will be essential for businesses to look at with their marketing this year. Powerful CRMs and data analysis tools are helping marketers to become more efficient than ever before, and helping them to narrow down the approaches that work best for their nice and audience.

Work With A Full-Stack Marketing Agency

At The Hive Marketing Collective, we're a small business marketing agency developing digital marketing solutions that are creative, intuitive, and completely custom to your business and your goals. We do not believe in a one-size-fits-all marketing approach and focus instead on truly understanding your business goals, to ensure we deliver results that exceed your expectations when crafting your online presence.

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