How To Use Instagram in Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Instagram is a platform that has a ton of options for connecting with your followers or target audience. There are many ways to get your information out there - so where do you start? Let's go over the basics of how Instagram can get your information out first.

Instagram Stories:

Instagram stories have become the most popular feature, giving your audience a 15-second 24-hour attention-grabbing video or picture. Not only is it helpful for short attention spans, it has a few interactive engaging features like questions, polls, or tap for more.

Instagram story is a great place to run short-term promotions, give news updates, and give snapshots of your daily work life. We definitely recommend implementing the use of stories into your social media marketing strategy.

Instagram Feed

Your Instagram feed is the same thing as your Facebook feed. It is the place where posted images and videos directly from your profile are placed for your follower to see. So what do you want your followers to associate with your brand? How do you want them to feel about your business? This is the type of information you should consider posting into the feed.

Instagram Live:

Instagram Live provides you with an avenue to connect with your audience and followers in real-time. Your followers will love to be a part of the action with live tours behind the scenes at the office or with new product announcements, you can even do live Q&As.

Now that you know the basics of interacting and engaging with your Instagram followers and audience, what is the next step in creating your Instagram social media marketing strategy? You need to determine what your audience and followers want to see.

You can review what posts have done well in the past; you can ask your audience what they want to know or check out what your competitors are doing. Any of these options are a great place to start, and then eventually, you want to be doing all three.

Once you have determined what your followers want to see, you need to ensure that you are consistent in your posts and information. Consistency is a crucial part of social media marketing, and with Instagram, it's even more important.

Take a look at Instagram to see when your followers are on the app and most active. You also want to work in expanding your reach into your social media marketing strategy. You want to make sure that you use hashtags, tags, and mentions to increase the number of “locations” your posts show up within the platform.

Now that you have an outline of what Instagram offers and how to use it, have some fun connecting and engaging with your audience. Need help setting up and creating a social media marketing strategy? Touch base with us, we would be happy to help.

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